Brain Recoding

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As the world is trying to cope with the uncertainties posed by 21st-century needs, lots of social intricacies are striving to calibrate global social equilibrium. India is not left out from all the changes. In all those preparedness and planning results are being co-related globally. especially aftermath of covid 19, the uncertainty about education in our government, society, and students have enforced visible apprehensions. Today in the era of massive information, technology expansion, advanced scientific innovations, volatile social conditions, change in scenario of employability along with transient process, formations have accelerated higher demand for change as clearly seen in the government through its vision document of National Education Policy (NEP-2020) trying to curb out the redundant objectives with relevant options.

Society as a whole is not at all clear about where to go and our students are left in a vortex of uncertainty. And in absence of any clear path it is observed that millions of students are stranded in lack of proper guidance and authority. Rampant social media intrusions, visual stimulations, and multiple distraction platforms have subsided the attention and focus of our students. Hereby to promote the transformative approach brain gym program is hypothesized and driven which scientifically works on students’ mental, psychological and physical area by imparting concentrated focus on student's brain. It is the program that is visioned to root out the unwanted energy from students' mind and help them to remain focused so that they contribute, collaborate, and adapt effectively in this changing scenario by bringing glory to their families and society. 

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